Pricing for Hiring Our Advertising Agency


Designing LinkedIn Pay per Click Ad Creative

Craft captivating LinkedIn Pay Per Click ad creatives tailored to the healthcare industry, capturing the attention of your desired audience and driving engagement.


Managing Pay per Click Bidding

Efficiently oversee the nuances of Pay Per Click bidding on LinkedIn, optimizing your advertising campaigns for maximum return on investment within the healthcare sector.


Setting Up hubspot to manage investor lead gen funnel

Leverage the capabilities of HubSpot to establish a dynamic investor lead generation funnel, fostering meaningful connections with potential investors keen on healthcare innovations.


Designing LinkedIn Pay per Click Ad Creative

Our graphic designers will help you design social media advertisements and creative that resonates with potential investors and customers in your target audience.


Managing Pay per Click Bidding

Our team will efficiently manage your Pay Per Click bidding on social media platforms such as LinkedIn to help you get the lowest cost per lead for your advertising budget.


Setting Up hubspot to manage investor & Customer lead gen funnel

Our team can help you set up your Hubspot account to manage both your investor and customer leads in an efficient manner.


hubspot customization

Customize your HubSpot platform to align seamlessly with the demands of the healthcare startup landscape, enhancing your ability to manage customer relationships effectively.


Learn how to Use LinkedIn to reach accredited investors

We will teach you how to use LinkedIn to reach accredited investors and physicians who might be interested in investing in your healthcare startup.


recruitment of medical advisory board via LinkedIn recruiter

We will teach you how to harness the power of LinkedIn Recruiter to identify and engage top-tier healthcare professionals, curating an advisory board for your startup enriched with industry expertise and insights.


Receive coaching on how to pitch

Our team will coach you on how to pitch investors and customers. We can listen to you give us a practice pitch and give you feedback.


pitch deck consulting

Receive expert guidance to refine your pitch deck for healthcare-focused investors, ensuring your presentation resonates effectively and conveys the potential of your startup.


pitch deck graphic design

Elevate the visual impact of your pitch deck with professional graphic design, aligning visuals with your healthcare narrative and captivating your audience.


per month

We charge $7500 per month for startups that want to hire our advertising agency to provide all of the above services. We look forward to discuss this more with your team. We can help you design advertising that resonates with your target audience! Our graphic designers and LinkedIn advertising specialists are here to help!