Venture Capital Fund

Our venture capital firm invests in healthcare startups and founders that are seeking to improve the health of the public.

We strive to support the daring founders willing to challenge the status quo and improve the health of the public through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Companies we invest in achieve the quadruple aim of healthcare - improved outcomes, reduce cost, improved patient satisfaction, and improved clinician

Our founders are driven to improve our healthcare system and have a deep sense
of public service.


Designing LinkedIn Pay per Click Ad Creative

Craft captivating LinkedIn Pay Per Click ad creatives tailored to the healthcare industry, capturing the attention of your desired audience and driving engagement.


Managing Pay per Click Bidding

Efficiently oversee the nuances of Pay Per Click bidding on LinkedIn, optimizing your advertising campaigns for maximum return on investment within the healthcare sector.


Setting Up hubspot to manage investor lead gen funnel

Leverage the capabilities of HubSpot to establish a dynamic investor lead generation funnel, fostering meaningful connections with potential investors keen on healthcare innovations.